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Hear the latest upfront dance music we found using Trackhunter on our bi-weekly DJ mix podcast.

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#152 Trackhunter DJ Mix Podcast

Brenden Jones - Friday, May 20, 2022

A selection of the latest progressive house can be found on this weeks podcast..

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Play this track arrow #01
Adam Moda,M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. - Felt and Won - 3rd Avenue
Play this track arrow #02
Bonfante - Cyborgs Like Unicorns Too (Stimming Remix) - 3000 Grad Records
Play this track arrow #03
Enertia-sound,Eli Spiral - Audio Devotion (Kay-D Remix) - Droid9
Play this track arrow #04
Levitone - Highlight (Ivanshee Remix Instrumental) - YOMO Records
Play this track arrow #05
Hannes Wiehager - Exo - Mogador
Play this track arrow #06
Rokazer - Kraz - Univack
Play this track arrow #07
Theydream - Replicant - FCKNG SERIOUS
Play this track arrow #08
Lambda,HP Vince - Get On Up - Bonzai Progressive
Play this track arrow #09
Jamie Stevens,Anthony Pappa - Hold You Back - Selador
Play this track arrow #10
PAUL (AR),Anunnakis - Pretty Dust (Extended Mix) - Perfecto Records
Play this track arrow #11
Massimo Logli - Lesath (Extended Mix) - Blackboard
Play this track arrow #12
Simon Doty - Reality Check (Black Circle Extended Remix) - Recess


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