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Hear the latest upfront dance music we found using Trackhunter on our bi-weekly DJ mix podcast.

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#136 Trackhunter DJ Mix Podcast

Brenden Jones - Friday, July 30, 2021

Bringing summer vibes and deep grooves with over a hour of Melodic techno ,Progressive house and Breakbeats.

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Play this track arrow #01
Fur Coat - Lost Days - Oddity Records
Play this track arrow #02
CRi - No Mission - Anjunadeep
Play this track arrow #03
Gux Jimenez - Colapso - Particles
Play this track arrow #04
Aman Anand,Ric Niels - Connected - Soundteller Records
Play this track arrow #05
Kurt Baggaley - Motionless (RYAN Remix) - A Must Have
Play this track arrow #06
Michael Hooker - Glossolalia - Desert Hearts Black
Play this track arrow #07
Spencer Brown,Wilt Claybourne - Sea Caverns - Last Night On Earth
Play this track arrow #08
Da Fresh - Never - Area Verde
Play this track arrow #09
Ranj Kaler - Afterdark (Club Mix) - Capital Heaven
Play this track arrow #10
Rampa - The Church - CircoLoco Records
Play this track arrow #11
Yashar - Midnight Decisions (Dub Mix) - Balkan Connection
Play this track arrow #12
Dave Seaman - Racket Abuse (Charles Webster Remix) - Selador


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