Trackhunter's Essential Christmas 2023 Gifts for DJs and Music Lovers

Trackhunter's Essential Christmas 2023 Gifts for DJs and Music Lovers

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

by Tat

Has it really been a year since our last Christmas wish list for the respectable DJ and electronic music fan? As with our seasonal tradition at Trackhunter HQ, we’ve set about trawling the web for the coolest gifts across a range of prices. Christmas is just under two week’s away and there is still time to snaffle a last minute present for the music maniac in your life, or of course you can just treat yourself (which is the best kind of present). This year we have picked half a dozen great gift ideas that will bring joy to the faces of the young and old school. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.

Model Record Shop
Build Your own Model Record Shop - £17.50 (inc postage) 

Whether you are a vinyl, CD or digital music lover, it is hard not to be allured by the wonderment of the old school record shop. This is especially the case if you grew up with the sights and sounds of a place where friendships were forged, tastes were shaped and memories created. In between parties and family gatherings you can settle down for a few hours, put a chilled soundtrack on and create your very own 3D music haven. This miniature is small enough to sit on your CD shelf and you can even add your own fairy lights for added effect. Once you have built your record shop you can cut out the mini customers, furniture, records and decoration to create a setting of your design. We all need a bit of mindfulness away from the stresses of life and building models is an effective way to do that. I’m so impressed that I have gifted one to myself and will attempt to recreate my own mini vinyl sanctuary over the festive period. 


Season’s Tweakings: The Acid House Christmas Jumper - £40 plus postage

Without doubt the best Christmas jumper I have ever seen. I was at a Radio Waters pre Christmas party when I immediately observed one of my fellow resident DJs was wearing this beauty. Christmas jumpers are a matter of taste - you ever love or hate them - but it is hard not to admire the sheer magnificence of this. Created by the artistic genius that is Jim’ll Paint It, it’s not only an eye-catching top but also high quality and will last many years. It’s so popular that there are only medium and small sized jumpers in stock and even the top’s creator doesn’t have one as noted on a recent update on X.


Vinyl Record Stocking
Vinyl Record Stocking - $23.99 plus postage

You may not be able to get this in time for Santa to come down your chimney but it is one to think about for next Xmas if you want somewhere to site Christmas records ready for the big morning. Of course, we recommend that you do not have a fire on Christmas Eve else you might find your beloved records somewhat unplayable the following day. If you want to buy local and are a fan of the classic 7 inch record, then you can pick these up for £11 on Ebay


24 Years of Aficionado Cover

25 Years Of Aficionado - £29 plus postage

We all love a good compilation right? This is one of the albums of the year as veteran DJs Jason Boardman and Moonboots compile tracks that encapsulate the party sessions they host under the Aficionado banner over the last quarter of a century. We were lucky to speak to Jason Boardman earlier this Autumn about the party, release and their music. There are no fillers on what is quite frankly a timeless album with tracks that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for many years. If you treat yourself to one record this year, we strongly recommend this one. 

Rave Mug

Rave Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box - £5.95 plus postage

Perhaps you have long given up going to all nighters and now find joy playing classic cuts in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are still going out or staying in, everyone likes a nice mug for their herbal infusion. An affordable stocking filler for yourself or a loved one with the three symbols that represent that iconic dance that involved holding a big fish, little fish then a cardboard box. If anything it will make for a perfect conversation starter where you get to educate others as to the merits of rave culture whilst enacting that very dance.  

Sound Wave Print

Sound Wave Print Personalised With Your Song Choice - Starting at £13.59 plus postage

We all hold dear our favourite club classics, they are the tracks that forged our dance music passion and will stay with us for the rest of our days. Whether it is Beltram’s Energy Flash or Orbital’s Chime, they all have their own unique waveform which can be translated into your own artwork to adorn your home. The designs are tasteful and can be created across a variety of formats, including framed versions. You simply submit your chosen track via a link from Spotify, YouTube or by using a QR code. Artworks can be designed using a variety of colours, even mixing and matching in the same piece. If you are a producer you can even submit your own music - the choice is yours.  


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