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Trackhunter's Essential Christmas 2022 Gifts for DJs and Music Lovers

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

by Tat

OK, you know the drill by now, as it is about this time every year that we trawl the Web to find the coolest gifts for DJs and music lovers this Christmas. We know that this winter, money is going to be tight and that for many working in the creative industries there is an increased uncertainty around income. So with that in mind we have picked a bunch of gifts under the £20 price tag. So let’s crack on and see what hot goodies you could be opening on Christmas morning.

Vintage Synths Top Trumps
Vintage Synth Trumps 2 playing cards - Juno -  £7.99

Where would dance music be without synths? In fact let’s not even contemplate that but instead celebrate some of the many pieces of fabulous kit that have adorned countless studios across the globe, over a good old game of Top Trumps. Containing 52 classic synths across 12 different categories, this second edition of the card game is perfect for that post Christmas dinner. The question is, how much of a synth head are you and how many of these do you actually own? If you have all 52, then you win by default. 


Technics chopping board
DJ Turntable Tempered Glass Chopping Board - Etsy - £14.99

We know that any good DJ worth their salt isn’t just a wizard behind the decks but they also know how to cook up a mean feast. This is the perfect gift for those who can’t bear to be away from their decks for more than a few hours as they get to literally cut it up. The Technics styled chopping board is made with toughened glass and has rubber feat. They come in two sizes, small or large. It’s probably advisable to buy a pair of these and place them either side of your food mixer. We are here all week folks. 


Hip Hop Years book
Hip Hop Years New York 1982-1992 - Parallax Photographic Coop - £7.00

Published last year, British-born photographer Janette Beckman moved to New York in 1983 and captured on film some of the leading lights of the growing US hip scene. Beckman worked for music magazines such as The Face and Melody Maker. Photos in this fantastic archive include Slick Rick, Salt-N-Pepa, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash and many more. 


Outer Rhythm T-shirt tribute to the sound of Sheffield - exalt t shirts - £14.99

Take a legendary techno and bleep label logo and mash it up with the iconic purple pantone of the classic Warp records label and you have a winner. Exalt t-shirts have long championed quality apparel that captures some of techno, acid and house’s finest imprints for posterity. These logos and labels will stand the test of time and the t-shirts are good enough to last a lifetime. 


Spincare vinyl kit
5-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit - Spincare - £17.95

Spincare’s eye-catching selection of vinyl care products have built up a good reputation and if you want a strong indictment, they can be purchased through one of London’s premier dance music outlets, Phonica. Spincare has pretty much everything you could wish for to keep your records in pristine condition. The 5-in-1 kit includes cleaning solution, record cleaner, cleaning pad, drying stand and a carbon fibre brush. If you have neglected the care of your records then perhaps you invest in one of these kits and bring the sound of your vinyl back to life.  


Bandcamp gift vouchers - Bandcamp  - £10 upwards

Buying someone else music as a gift is a bit of a minefield if they have wildly eclectic tastes. Bandcamp has become the leading bastion for independent, international music across all formats. We don’t need to big Bandcamp up, no doubt you already own music via the platform. So if you want to help someone’s music collection swell you can’t do much better than buy a gift voucher. £20 would easily buy a couple digital releases and probably stretch to a new 12 inch, including postage. 


Soundlab bluetooth speaker
Soundlab A183E portable bluetooth speaker with LED lights - The DJ Shop - £17.99

This is not just your normal rechargeable bluetooth speaker but as you can see from the image it also contains integrated LED lights that change in line with the music. With five hours of playback and a 3.5mm jack you can take this with you on the go and host your own Christmas party wherever you are. 


Out of space book
Any book from Velocity Press - £9.99-19.00

We’re a big fan of Velocity Press at Trackhunter HQ and have featured interviews with authors Matt Anniss and more recently Jim Ottewill. The independent publisher has built up a strong back catalogue that explores the many facets of club culture and electronic music. So if you are a fan of the free party scene, DJ culture or regional dance music movements they got it covered. The research that goes into these titles is impressive and it will be great to see what they have lined up next. Until then, have a look at their online store and treat yourself or fellow music lover to a bit of great winter reading.  


Coldcuts Hotwax coffee
Coffee Ruff Draft Blend (Kata Blend) - Coldcuts // Hotwax -  £10.50

We’ve found the ideal thing to get you up and going on Christmas morning, especially if the kids have had you up looking for presents since 4am. As a tribute to the hip hop legend J Dilla, this coffee blend from Guatemala is grown in the volcanic soils of tropical valleys and Cerrado Minas Gerais in Brazil. There are three varieties available on the website and this one is a medium bodied espresso of soft acidity, with a simple maple syrup sweetness and hints of pecan. As the description says; this is a milk based coffee, Kata presents milk chocolate and toffee flavours ensuring a deliciously smooth and delicious coffee. I can guarantee you are already whetting your lips at the prospect of opening this on Christmas morning. 


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