Rare exports and where to buy them digitally - Part 5

Rare exports and where to buy them digitally - Part 5

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

by Tat

This is the fifth and final excursion into our journey to explore incredible tracks that you may have missed and where you can buy digital copies online for a fraction of the cost that the physical release would now cost.

Digital DJing in the main has been with us for almost two decades and that is due to the scalability and demand, you are always able to buy masses of music at an affordable price. Vinyl and CDs are finite, therefore tracks pressed to these mediums are often in low numbers, and the laws of supply and demand ensure they soon inflate in price. Trackhunter is all about finding the best music from across multiple platforms and helping you build the best possible music collection you can have. Whether that is on vinyl or digital, we hope you discover a few things you’ll grow to love as much as we do at Trackhunter HQ.

Episode 9 of this podcast series features incredible independent Hip Hop from the States, as well as alluring psychedelic pop and blissed out dope beats.
Kamasutra record sleeve

Irmin Schmidt And Innerspace Production – I’m Hiding My Nightingale

This golden nugget of a track first appeared on B side of the 1969 Irmin Schmidt 7 inch Kamasutra. The founding member of Can works wonders with this track which is made even more hauntingly beautiful thanks to the vocals of Eti Juvan. It would take 40 years for the soundtrack to Kobi Jaeger's erotic educational movie, 'Kamasutra’ to see the light on Crippled Dick Hot Wax. You can pick it all up in its timeless glory through Boomkat.



J Scienide Record sleeve

J Scienide X Bozack Morris – The Party Machine

One of the best finds from the Trackhunter app, tracks from J Scienide X Bozack Morris fantastic ‘Popular Mechanics’ 12” were featured in episode 102 of our Trackhunter Podcast. Taking an unknown French Chanson loop, it shows how a clever sample of a track that would otherwise be ignored by most can be the foundation of a really hot piece of Hip Hop.



Trackhunter Episode 102 featuring J Scienide and Boazck Morris

Edan record sleeve

Edan (Featuring Percee P) – Torture Chamber

Edan has stayed true to pure Hip Hop since first appearing in the late 1990s and his 2005 LP Beauty And The Beat is a bonafide classic. The non-stop energy of Touture Chamber (Featuring Percee P) is a standout track in a high class album. The tracks might be very short but the impact lasts forever.



Onra record sleeve

Onra – Tears Of Joy

Onra AKA Arnaud Antoine Rene Bernard was another talented artist that came into focus for us via the Trackhunter App and featured in Episode 54 of our podcast. Following up his 2007 Chinoiseries album with Part 2 we once again treated to South East Asian infused beats with Tears of Joy as a stand out cut. The record came out on Ireland’s All City Records and has been known to change hands for over £100.



Trackhunter Episode 54 featuring Onra
Tall Black Guy record

Tall Black Guy – JB Suite pt 1 & 2

Terrel Wallace has been producing music for over a decade under the guise of Tall Black Guy and it was his 2016 single release, reflips of The JB’s ‘Do It To Death’ and ‘More Peas’ that caught our attention. Released on the Brooklyn based Plane Jane label, it’s pure space funk and thankfully you can still pick it up via download via Wallace’s Bandcamp page.



Children of Zeus

Children of Zeus – Still Standing

Appearing on the scene in 2016 the talented Manchester duo of Tyler Daley and Konny Kon dropped a monster of modern Soul on the scene with Still Standing. Since then they have gone from strength to strength with a trio of albums via the First Word imprint with the third, Balance, appearing earlier this year. Still Standing remains a much loved and sought after record that is hard as a yeti to track down.



Bozack Morris (Featuring Conway) – Mak 90

Bozack Morris employs the talents of the much sought after Conway for both sides of this super dope 7 inch. Mak 90 is a heavyweight, epic and dirty cut that will set you back nearly £100 to acquire a copy on vinyl. Thankfully you can get both tracks on Bandcamp for less than the price of a coffee.



Westside Gunn record sleeve

WestsideGunn and MF Doom – Gorilla Monsoon

The 12 inch of this featuring the much missed skills of MF Doom has been known to change hands for over £200 so it’s comforting to know that both lead tracks are available on Amazon’s marketplace for 1/100th of that price. Out on the pure Hip Hop Griselda Records in Buffalo, New York, it’s the usual high quality you would expect from WestsideGunn and company.


Pete Rock record sleeve

Pete Rock / INI – Grown Man Sport

Taken from the Center Of Attention LP which came out in 1999 on the classic Loud records label. With 15 tracks to choose from, Grown Man Sport stands out with a jazzy beat, piano and hype flow that backs up Pete Rock’s credentials as one of the best Hip Hop producers of all time.


Boca 45 record sleeve

Boca 45 (Featuring The Good People) - We’re Right Here

Boca 45 have long known how to rock a party and We’re Right Here featuring The Good People is one heck of a funky jam. Taken from the Digga Please? released LP titled Dig Eat Beats Repeat; it’s got everything going for it. You can pick up a vinyl copy at a few outlets overseas, whereas thankfully it’s available digitally on their own Bandcamp page.


Ernest Ranglin LP cover

Ernest Ranglin – Soft Touch

This originally appeared in 1983 on the Miami based Konduko imprint and was given a new lease of life in 2019 by the excellent Emotional Rescue label. Soft Touch is a powerful Disco-Funk workout that is just one of a half dozen timeless tracks on Be What You Want To Be.



Listen to all of the tracks on episode 9 of the Rare Exports podcast

For episode 10 of the series we discover a couple of old school Disco tracks that are in a league of their own, explore stunning Italian House music and pick up on some of the great tracks that have dropped in the last couple of years.
Wild Edits record

Days of Being Wild – The Fear Of Gods (Hotel International Edit)

Re-edit EPs are ten a penny these days but amongst the throng of it all there is some real gold to be found. Some of the best re-edits are now hard to find on vinyl but thankfully there is always Bandcamp. Franz Kirmann and Jérome Bazzanella started the label of the same name as this EP which brings together Red Axes, Club Bizarre, Hotel International and Los Lopez together to rework forgotten gems. In this case, we picked Hotel International’s glorious return to the early works of Simple Minds and This Fear Of Gods.



BWH - Stop

BWH – Stop

Not just one of the best Italo-Dance tunes of all time, but quite simply one of the best dance records ever made. Produced by husband and wife duo Stefano Zito and Helene, this is arpeggiator and piano heaven and one that is really very hard to find in its original form. Thousands of Discogs users have the various releases on their wantlist so naturally it goes for a pretty penny. You can find it for literally pennies if you visit Beatport who have a downloadable version.



Leo Anibaldi record

Leo Anibaldi – Elements

This incredible House classic from Italian producer Leo Anibaldi is up there with anything that was coming out from Chicago and Detroit at the time. Measured and mature, it’s a track that still stands up alongside anything today. It got a repress in 2017, but the 1991 original invariably goes for about £50. Again this can be picked up directly from the Rome based Cannibald Record label run by the talented man himself.



Waylon record cover

Waylon Crème De La Crème

There’s just one solitary 7 inch to André Van der Veken’s name in Discogs and my goodness it’s a corker. A high energy Disco double header with the dramatic storytelling of The Sparrow alongside Creme De La Creme. There’s a feeling of Sylvester about this record and it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an expensive purchase, especially if you want the 12 inch, which isn’t actually extended. You can however grab a copy from Amazon of this totally unique track.



Skatt Brothers record

Skatt Brothers – Walk The Night

One of the sleaziest and heaviest Glam infused Disco numbers of all time which Leonard Remix magnificently mashed up and posted onto YouTube with footage from the movies Cruising and American Gigolo. Not only can you pick up the original on Bandcamp but there’s also a super meaty Stefano Ritteri Versione Spaziale version.



African Black record

African Black – Nzango

Infectious African percussive Disco from an album that dropped in 1984 on the French based Disques Espérance label and sadly hasn’t been repressed since. You can pick up a digital copy of Nzango as part of the Africa Airways Three compiltaion on Amazon. Other than that, you are looking at shelling out £100 for an original vinyl copy.



Edit Service record

Red Axes - Der Sexa

Coming out as part of a double header on the Edit Service records Special Delivery release alongside Rouge Mécanique’s - Cosi Cosi. Der Sexi is an uncredited version of the sublime and sultry Shocking Blue track Love Buzz. The record has sold for three figures on Discogs, but you can pick up both tracks for a fraction of that price on Bandcamp.



Mikron record sleeve

Mikron – Lyre

CPU Records reached its 100th release recently and this record is one of it’s most sought after from a very impressive back catalogue. Lyre is timeless laid back electronics that sits comfortably within many genres. As with all CPU Recordings, You can find them on Bandcamp when the vinyl runs dry.



6TMA Record sleeve

6tma - Christopher Rave

Heavy pounding beats alongside those classic Kevin Saunderson Detroit stabs are always going to be a winner. This repress has since reduced the price, but most copies online remain in the 50 Euros bracket for a vinyl copy.


STRATA record sleeve

STR4TA – Aspects (Demus Dub)

Incredible and infectious British Funk from Gilles Peterson and Jean-Paul Maunick on the always on point Brownswood label. Again another record hard to obtain without handing over a crisp £50 note but you’ll find a perfectly clean digital copy on their Bandcamp site.



All of these tracks can be heard on the 10th podcast in this series via Mixcloud

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