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Rare exports and where to buy them digitally - Part 1

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

by Tat

Over the next few months we are going to look at some great tracks that you may have missed out on from the past few years and even decades.

Trackhunter started up as a way to help DJs and music enthusiasts to discover new music and we think it does that very well. Our aim is to help you wade through the thousands of new releases each week and find those hidden gems. We can all play the same playlisted tracks, but where is the fun in that? Yet with the constant turnover of music it is very easy to miss great tracks from the past. That might not sound that special but I’ve looked at tracks that were originally pressed onto vinyl and have now become rather costly and in some cases rarer than the proverbial rocking horse manure.

This project meant hunting through around 3000 releases to seek out such tracks that are now only available on digital release or that you will need deep pockets to buy them on vinyl. We set the bar at about £30 which might not be much for some music lovers and DJs, but when you consider that all of these records add up, it wouldn’t be long before you have to remortgage your house. This has also resulted in a series of podcasts called Rare exports and where to buy them digitally. This 60 minute show is broadcast on the fantastic Purple Radio and hosted on my Mixcloud page.

The tracks are not necessarily rare or unheard of, this isn’t one of those articles or shows where ultra obscure records are played with the knowledge that you can never have a copy to play yourself. All of the links from the shows as to where you can buy all of these tracks digitally and legally are below each episode; these articles will feature two, one hour shows.  

Many of these tracks will be available on compilations, best of albums and bootlegs, most of which will be unavailable anywhere. Ultimately this is the antithesis of quickly cobbled together Spotify playlists, which are fine but I wanted to go further and share links to all of the tracks so you can buy them yourself.

At no point is this show about the value of records or whether vinyl is better than digital. It’s about finding great music that was on many sites like Bandcamp, Phonica, Bleep, Juno, Piccadilly Records, Sounds of The Universe until the words ‘sold out’ appeared. So hopefully you’ll find some wonderful music in this series and seek out your own digital copies legally. Remember, support the artists, support the scene and show your love, let’s get on with the show. 

Rare exports and where to buy them - Podcast 1

Lord of the Isles record cover

Lord Of The Isles Featuring Ellen Renton – Inheritance

One of the finest and most moving chilled tracks you’ll hear this century. Utterly effortless and a track that will stand the test of time as Lord Of The Isles Whities 029 sold out in double quick time. Hopefully one day it will get a repress, but for now you will have to settle with a Bandcamp download.




Decadance Vs Italoconnection – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Leo Mas And Fabrice Danceology Dub Mix)




Richard Houghton – Sonata De Grillo




Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman – Panacea

Sometimes Discogs give you a false sense of what something is worth. This might be the case with the brilliant Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman’s Panacea five track release. Historically, copies may not have sold for more than £35 and with one just for sale at the time of writing this, at £173.49; it seems that the seller isn’t that keen to let go. That said, almost 250 buyers want it, so there is a strong demand. Nevertheless, the quality Hip Hop duo counteract that by making the whole EP free on Bandcamp. 




Snowgoons Featuring Reef The Lost Cause and Sicknature – Goon Bap



Incredible Tabla Band record sleeve


Shawn Lee – Inna Gadda Da Vida

I don’t think you can ever tire of Iron Butterfly’s heavy psychedelic sound of Inna Gadda Da Vida that was picked up and given a new funky alter ego by the classic Incredible Bongo Band. The talented Shawn Lee took the latter’s classic 1973 Bongo Rock and created his own tabla infused version which is hard to get on vinyl, but thankfully Bandcamp will at least source you a digital copy




Cavern Of Anti Matter – Dystopian Shopping Mall




Dimensional Holographic Sound – Please Keep Shopping



DJ For Drinks vinyl record

Christian S – Do You Do (Sax Mix)

I first heard Christian S’ infectious Do You Do on a Gerd Jansen Boiler Room performance and instantly tracked it down. Sadly my hunt ended in disappointment as I found out that the various DJ For Drinks EP was going for at least £40. Again Bandcamp was on hand to source me a copy of this absolute winner of a House track.




RX-101 – Gemini Launcher




You can listen to all of those tracks in a one hour show which was broadcast on Purple Radio and hosted on my Mixcloud page here.



Rare Exports and Where To Buy Them Digitally - Podcast 2


Onra – I Wanna Go Back



King Record 12 inch record

King Tre – Damn I’m Good

Traxsource is another one of Trackhunters' go to platforms to source new music and it was a pleasure to find this hidden U.S Hip Hop gem from the mid 1980s on there. The 12 inch rarely changes hands and with good reason as it still stands up as a track. Thankfully you can get a copy from the Traxsource store. 




Tony L – Keine Jukebox



Wavemaker 7 inch record

Wavemaker – Tunnel Of Love

This melodic and sultry slow burner of a Disco track originally appeared in 1977 on a Polydor Records of all places. It’s quite aloof on vinyl but did appear on Psychemagik’s fantastic Ritual Chants (Love) double album in 2016. If that’s out of your reach, we suggest you head over to Eskimo Recordings Bandcamp page where you can grab your own digital copy of this masterpiece.




Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis




The Sound carriers – Without Sound




Yse Saint Laur’ant – Bozwa Locks (Original Mix)




Los Massieras – Allrighty

Part of a trio of re-edited tracks out of 1970s Italy and it’s hard to tell what is more infectious, Los Massieras’ riotous Allrighty (which is an edit of Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol) or Rumores (Los Masieras Bold Italic Re-Edit). The latter is a re-edit of the storming Disco track by Raffella Carrà titled Rumore. Either way, this is a brilliant EP and one that’s more than tripled in value since it was first released in 2010. Thankfully, like so many tracks in this series, Beatport has it online at a fraction of the price of a copy on plastic. So make sure you go out and add this to your collection




Mari – Free (The Ray Mang Extended Version)




Etienne Jaumet – Metalik Cages (Acid Arab Remix)




You can listen to all of tracks in part two of the show which was broadcast on Purple Radio and hosted on my Mixcloud page here.



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