#16 Trackhunter DJ Mix Podcast by Tat

Friday, September 4, 2015
#16 Trackhunter DJ Mix Podcast by Tat Podcast #16 of the bi-weekly Trackhunter podcast, this episode is mixed by Tat.

DJ Tat has hosted his own radio shows on pirate and internet stations since 1990 and currently resides on the the eclectic Purple Radio: http://www.purple-radio.co.uk/

His previous podcasts and mixes can be heard at https://www.mixcloud.com/tat/

Featuring tracks found exclusively using the Trackhunter music discovery app. Check it out at http://www.trackhunter.co.uk

#01 Lenzmen Dynamics Plus A Perfect Night A Perfect World Future Sonic Media
#02 Dunny Kunta Kinte Complex Textures
#03 Esin Afsar Zuhtu (Parcala Behcet Mix) Starlight Recordings
#04 Letienne Wednesday Doppelganger
#05 Anikandro Santapopulos Bond Between Two Friends (Santorini's Beach Deep Mix) Liquid Lounge Recordings
#06 Anie Flurry (Marc Miroir Remix) Sonique Mannheim
#07 Antony Kaiman Imagine Another Place (Basement Mix) Cherry Lounge Recordings
#08 Bjorn Mandry Sweet Day Caballero Germany
#09 I Need? Loose La Bombe
#10 Vails Fsk (John Roman Mix) La Bombe
#11 Bruce Brubaker Metamorphosis 1 Infine France
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