Trackhunter Feature in Development: On Demand Music Source Updates

Monday, July 20, 2015
by Keith Boynton
Trackhunter Feature in Development: On Demand Music Source Updates By CC GotCredit

With AutoSync released it's time to move on to development of the next feature. I've scheduled what I deem to be the next most important enhancement that will bring the most benefit...

What am I working on?

I'm working on an enhancement I'm calling at least for now On Demand Music Source Updates. This enhancement will allow Trackhunter to immediately fetch updates to the way it finds new tracks from the various stores without the need for me to release a new version of the app.

How could it be good for you?

What I've found most frustrating and I imagine is also frustrating for users (especially Mac users) is the time it takes me to react when stores such as Beatport make changes to the way tracks are presented to Trackhunter. This usually means that until I can update the way Trackhunter finds new tracks that particular source (store) is "broken" within Trackhunter and no new tracks can be found from that source. The greatest problem is that it can be quite slow to release a new version so I can get those changes out and "fix" that source. This is made even slower if I'm in the middle of developing a new feature that needs testing and further development before it can be released, this can take weeks which is way to slow for any of us. This new enhancement will mean I can react to those changes in a matter of days (even hours) regardless of whatever other development work is going on so Trackhunter will keep finding the tracks and we won't miss any.

What is involved?

This is a relatively easy change but still needs some effort for me to change the framework in the app and then add a service to the REST API to send those changes out when needed. Hopefully it will just be changes to the Core code so shouldn't need any Windows/Mac or iOS specific changes which makes it much easier.

How far away is it?

I'm through the design stage and in development right now so am hoping to get this generally available late August early September.

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