Last Minute Christmas Presents for DJs

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
by Tat

At Trackhunter HQ we're gearing up for the Christmas festivities. The turntable style mince pies are in the oven, Run DMC's 'Christmas in Hollis' is on the stereo and we've put on the worst taste Christmas jumper you can imagine. So like most DJs, we like gadgets and technology, so with just over a week to Christmas we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at some last minute gifts to ask Santa for. If you are a DJ or happen to know one, then we think there is something below that would make the morning of the 25th just perfect.

DJ Socks

DJ socks

Yes, you read that right, you can buy a pair of socks with a DJ - arms held aloft Fatboy Slim style - behind the decks to keep your feet warm whilst playing in some cold warehouse this Christmas. Not only that, but you can have headphones and a record being scratched on your shin. So if anyone asks what you do or your favourite hobby, just lift up your trouser leg and show them. They cost £1.99 plus postage and all three designs £5.95 plus postage

See the DJ Socks DJ tees

DJ tees

There are countless DJ t shirts on the market and in all honesty the majority are quite tacky. Usually the best way for a DJ to show their passion for the music they play is to buy a shirt from one of their labels they support and give some extra love. There the basic shirts with the headphones round the neck, but they're not too far a step away from the ironic tuxedo t shirts, or aprons with a pair of women's underwear on the front. Spread Shirt among other websites have a wealth of DJ and music related t shirts, that has everything for the old school vinyl DJ to the digital mixmeister. Seeing as the biggest film of the century is about to launch into our cinemas you could do far worse than get yourself a stormtrooper DJ shirt.

See the DJ tees Dress your vinyl

Dress your vinyl

For the vinyl DJs out there and especially fans of the beloved 7 inch there has been a return to repressing old tracks onto the 12 inch's older, wiser sibling. Hip hop and soul reissues alongside new music has been increasingly appearing on new vinyl and some of it giving a nod back to the days of the jukebox when records came out with no middles. So in keeping with the trend there has been a growth in funky and cool record adapters and stabilisers. One place to look is and their impressive collection of stock. You can have everything in the middle or your record from a number 45 to the batman logo. There are pentagrams, guitars, frogs and crop circles to help fill that gap in your 45 as it spins round. Whilst the website also has a small but good selection of stabilisers to help keep any wonky vinyl in place. You can even request your own bespoke adapter and stabiliser and prices range from £4.99 to £11.99 with very cheap postage.

See the stabilizers Look Sharp

Look Sharp

Searching around the web for the perfect DJ gifts, so that you don't have to, brought up an incredible array of DJ themed bespoke presents. One such collection we came across was DJ cuff links, yes you heard that right...cuff links. A good place for the more stylish and smartly dressed kings of the ones and twos is to visit the home of cottage crafts Etsy. It is the best way to finish off the jacket and tie look this festive season by adorning your wrists with some cool cuff links. Prices start at about £6 upwards and have everything from records to headphones, from decks to DJ emblazed on them. Incredibly some are very tasteful, as shown below, so whilst out at that post Christmas party others can see your real passion lies behind the decks dropping science.

See the DJ Cuff Links Mix on the go

Mix on the go

One of the more popular DJing apps on the IOS and Android is edjing 5, a free DJ mix tool. There are countless DJ and music apps on the market but this one works quite simply, so is useful for the DJ who travels about a lot and wants a simple little tool to keep them happy in between gigs over the Christmas period. Being free it also fits within any budget range, although you'll need a tablet or smartphone of course. The app shows the BPM of tracks, has two simple turntables and a sync button to bring it all together. Not as comprehensive as some of the paid for apps, but if you wanted to treat yourself this Christmas without dipping into your funds, then this is worth having.

See edjing 5 Drink and be merry

Drink and be merry

Whilst Christmas might be the time for overindulgence, whether that be food or alcohol, there will be times when any self-respecting DJ will want to kick back with the TV and a cup of tea or coffee. There are countless websites offering to print your name onto a DJ themed mug, or you could just got for the simple 'eat, sleep, DJ mug'. A great one for all house heads is the 'in the beginning…' mug which takes the lyrics from the classic Rhythm Controll - My House, later used by Mr Fingers. Your tea might not taste any nicer but you'll feel a whole load funkier drinking from that mug.

See the DJ Mug Jump to it

Jump to it

Finally, it would not be Christmas without some bad taste, ironic seasonal jumper. Getting into the pricey, more niche end of the price spectrum, but for the DJ who has a full wallet it will be a perfect gift. The DJ Elf jumper from the Funky Jumpers website features the DJ Elf behind a pair of decks whilst LEDs bounce below. So whilst everyone has donned their matching Primark Christmas sweater at the party you can stand out with something truly unique, whether it's cool we'll leave it for others to decide.

See the DJ Elf Christmas Jumper Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas from Trackhunter and hoping that Santa brings you all the DJ gifts you deserve.

Not techy enough for you?

No problem, Joey Santos at Digital DJ Tips has some great suggestions.

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