Trackhunter is an easy to use app that makes finding upfront electronic dance music very quick and easy. It makes it possible to listen to all the new music regardless of genre so you can create your own style without having to follow anyone else.

It lets you keep up to date with the new music from your favourite online digital stores including; Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, Beatport, Bleep, Boomkat, DJ Tunes, iTunes, Juno Download, Soundcloud, Soundeo, Track It Down, Traxsource and What People Play.


  • Configurable Fast Listen auto track skipping mode let's you quickly listen through hours of tracks in minutes while you do something else

  • Remembers what you've already heard and filters it out so you don’t waste time listening to the same track twice

  • Convert WAVs to AIFF and auto tag them (including cover art) to save time when buying lossless WAV tracks where-ever they're from

  • Shows you which store is selling it the cheapest so you save money on every track you buy using the Integrated Shopping Cart



#92 Trackhunter DJ Mix Podcast by Tat

Friday, November 8, 2019
#92 Trackhunter DJ Mix Podcast by Tat Podcast #92 of the bi-weekly Trackhunter podcast, this episode is mixed by Tat.

For the latest Trackhunter Podcast we dig into some of the many incredible new Hip Hop releases appearing on Bandcamp. We've found 20 of the best tracks around right now and know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when t comes down to fresh beats and rhymes

Featuring tracks found using the Trackhunter music discovery app. Check it out at http://www.trackhunter.co.uk

#01 Julian Mchutchison Deep Space (Instrumental) Bandcamp Self Released
#02 Wu Tang Clan Vs Pink Floyd Da Mystery Of Chessboxin Piztrumentals
#03 Mark Generous Collaborations Elevated Minds Bandcamp Self Released
#04 Unwanted Cash Flip Bandcamp Self Released
#05 Yikes The Zero (Featuring Tajai, Osevere, T.C. Cole) Razor Opera Bandcamp Self Released
#06 Appollo Brown (Featuring Slum Village) All Day Bandcamp Self Released
#07 Inkubator 3Rd Rail Age Of Extinction
#08 Elcamino & Dj Shay Lott & Abraham Bandcamp Self Released
#09 Bake$ What Makes Me Bandcamp Self Released
#10 Brother Ali (Featuring Pharoahe Monch) Situated Bandcamp Self Released
#11 Wu Tang Clan Vs Pink Floyd Mighty Healthy Piztrumentals
#12 Funky DL Mr Taverez Bandcamp Self Released
#13 Julian Mchutchison Intimacy (Instrumental) Bandcamp Self Released
#14 Big Bol Visitor Pass Bandcamp Self Released
#15 Ryan Berry Got Soul Bandcamp Self Released
#16 Deuce Corley Life Or Death Bandcamp Self Released
#17 Wu Tang Clan Vs Pink Floyd Assassination Day Piztrumentals
#18 Yikes The Zero (Featuring Osevere And Drusef) Sky Fire Bandcamp Self Released
#19 Aquateen Gold Redux Bandcamp Self Released
#20 Yungmorpheus Truting Rap Vacation
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